Smooth Sailing with BNI

A chapter helps a new member embark on a new business journey.

Submitted by Ken Neoh – BNI Dynamic Chapter, Malaysia

For more than ten years, I lived away from my home country, Malaysia, and climbed the corporate ladder in one of the top MNCs in China. When my son was school-aged, my wife and I decided it was time to move back home.

Upon returning, I set up a multimedia studio that provides video production and animation solutions for businesses. However, because I had been away for over a decade, my network was limited—and business was slow.

Everything changed when I was introduced to BNI by a friend. After my first meeting, I immediately joined. Not only were chapter members and the LT friendly, they were also helpful in helping to familiarize me with the local market. Because of them, my business improved dramatically.

Within two months of joining I closed a substantial deal. I was first referred to a client by a chapter member. Eventually, this client referred me to another client with a bigger portfolio.

Throughout the past few months, more referrals have come along, for which I am grateful. BNI helped me smoothly embark on my business journey—and with great results!

 BNI Really Works

85% of new clients because of BNI.

Submitted by David Sheehan – BNI Capital Connectors Chapter, Austin Texas

Our Sheehan Farmers Insurance agency receives over 85% of our new clients via referrals from our friends, clients, and referral partners. Our best marketing system is BNI.

Started by Ivan and Beth Misner, this business networking and referral group provides great training, warm referrals and business partners you get to see weekly.

BNI really works!

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