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2019 Predictions : Scootergeddon, scaling woes, going local, and more

2019 Predictions : Scootergeddon, scaling woes, going local, and more

Despite the high probability that we will be proven laughably wrong over the next twelve months, Crunchbase News is forging ahead with predictions for the New Year. So here goes. In 2019, we’re forecasting a scooter market correction, a surge in online consumers going local, a sovereign wealth venture funding crisis and more heavily-funded startups failing due to overfast scaling.

Unicorns accelerate IPO plans amid volatility

Tech unicorns are speeding up plans for public offerings amid intensified market volatility. While a number of private companies with multi-billion-dollar valuations were already considering IPOs in roughly the next year, they’re now looking to make market debuts earlier than expected.

Union Square Ventures raises $429M for new funds

New York-based technology VC firm Union Square Ventures has raised $429 million for two new funds, according to securities filings. One of the funds appears focused on early stage deals, while the other targets growth investments.

Futu files for IPO

Hong Kong-based Futu, a digital brokerage popular in China, has filed for a U.S. public offering. Its IPO prospectus reveals the rare picture of a young company growing at an astounding rate and still posting profits.

Guide to public relations for startups: how to hit a PR home run

In this guide, we discuss how to build and manage public relations for startups. We review the three bases that any startup should pass, to move closer to hitting the public relations home run.

Year in review for Crunchbase News

Crunchbase News takes a look back at growth, most popular topics, and changes to our editorial direction over the course of 2018. We also lay out plans for the year ahead

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