A bearish week for commodities prices on AFEX ahead of Muslim festivities

On a week on week basis, the ACI was up 2.94%, closing at 485.94 index points. This is due to price increase recorded in maize and soybean on the Exchange. Similarly, the S&P GSCI Agriculture Index appreciated by 2.94% to close at 405.22 index points last week.

The AEI declined 0.12% to close at 175.5 index points given a decline in the open market price of Ginger W-o-W. S-t-D, the ACI & AEI, has outperformed the S&P GSCI Agriculture Index.

The ACI is up 79.3%, AEI (25.31%), S&P GSCI (22.32%). In other asset class, the ASI has remained bearish with a YTD performance of -5.77%. Also, W-o-W, the index shed 0.12%. A total of 1,660 contracts were executed last week

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