Access Agriculture is inviting applicants for its 2019 Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund

Access Agriculture is inviting applicants for its 2019 Young Entrepreneur Challenge Fund to propose innovative ideas to make a business, or expand their existing business, around the dissemination of agricultural videos.

Access Agriculture is a non-profit organisation that supports the distribution of quality training videos to share practical knowledge on farming and food processing across the global South. Farmers in Latin America, Africa and Asia can learn from their peers on other continents.

The most inspiring and promising young entrepreneurs will receive a Digisoft smart projector. This projector has an in-built computer and contains the entire Access Agriculture library with over 200 videos in more than 75 international and local languages. The smart projector comes with a battery and a portable solar panel, so videos can be shown without the internet or electricity.

By building on the ICT skills and networks of young men and women, they believe they can better train farmers and make agriculture more attractive to youth and reach more women.


Access Agriculture will provide the applicant with a smart projector on loan for 18 months, after which the projector will become applicants. Access Agriculture will cover the shipment cost and customs duty. Access Agriculture will provide applicants with advice on the smart projector use and on their business plan. Access Agriculture will also link applicants to other young entrepreneurs to allow applicants to share experiences and strengthen or diversify their business plan.

Eligibility Criteria

  • One person or teams of up to 4 young people can submit a proposal
  • Age: younger than 30 years
  • Country of residence: any country in Latin America, Africa or Asia-Pacific
  • Applicants need to be registered and logged in on Access Agriculture before applicant can submit an application form.

How to Apply

Deadline: 21 March 2019

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, please visit https://www.accessagriculture.org/young-entrepreneur-challenge-fund-how-enter

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