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Angola launches electronic import licensing service to reduce bureaucracy, entice investors

Angola Ministry of Economy and Planning has launched a new Electronic Import Licensing Service to improve the business environment and motivate economic activity.

With the entry of this new Electronic Goods Import Licensing Service, importers in the sectors of Industry, Agriculture, Fisheries and goods of the basic basket will only have to wait three days to have the import pre-licensing processes completed.

During the ceremony, the Minister of Economy and Planning, Pedro Luís da Fonseca, said that the initiative demonstrates the will of the state to improve administrative productivity and create a better business environment by reducing bureaucracy, simplifying and decentralizing the pre-licensing process.

The minister also stressed that the Executive’s economic policies and reform are promoting greater openness to private investment, making them the most important pillar of structural changes in the economy, the creation of employment par excellence and income multiplier.

“A good business environment is surely a valuable indicator for private capital investment decisions,” he said.

Pedro Luís da Fonseca said that the Executive is implementing the process of facilitation and economic simplification with the help of different institutions, seeking to maximize synergies.

In turn, Refriango’s administrator, Stephen Daniel, said that the new Electronic Import Licensing Service, under the auspices of the Agriculture and Forestry, Industry, Fishing and Sea sectors, is welcome once that there was a lot of bureaucratization in the treatment of import pre-licensing processes.

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