BNI – 35th Anniversary Celebration of continuous business growth for members

Hi, this is Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI®. I am honored to tell you that this year, on January 8th, BNI® is celebrating it’s 35th Anniversary. 35 amazing years in business.

We now have over 9,400 BNI groups in more than 70 countries all around the world.

What I find incredibly exciting is that we have helped our Members generate more than 100 billion US dollars in Thank You for Closed Business since 1985.

Over 16 Billion of that was from last year alone.

One of the questions I would often get from the media during the early years of BNI was “Don’t you think this networking thing is just a fad?” Clearly it wasn’t a fad.

We have had 35 consecutive years of growth. Each year, growing over the last year. Very few companies in the world can say that.

But, let me take you back to the beginning… actually before the beginning. To a time when I was a consultant and attending networking groups to find some that fit my desire for some structure and accountability. But still focused on relationships.

I went to some groups that were mercenary. Everyone I met was trying to sell to me. I would leave those meetings feeling like I had been slimed. I needed to go home and get a shower.

Then, I went to these other groups that were totally social. It was Happy Hour and Hors d’oeuvres. Very little if any business was being done.

BNI is global

I didn’t like either of these, so I created BNI. An organization that would merge the focus on business with the desire to build relationships. And the glue that would hold it all together is our principle Core Value of Givers Gain®.

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If I help you, you’ll help me, and we’ll all do better as a result of it. I truly believe that BNI is not only a great way to get business, it’s an even better way to do business.

Because we’re doing business within that context of Givers Gain®. I want to thank the many Members who have been part of this proud company for many years.

I want to thank the incredible Directors who support chapters locally and make a huge difference.

I want to thank the Global Support Team at BNI, who are helping to make this organization a world class company.

Let me close by saying that I am humbled by what BNI has become. And I am honored to still be active in the organization. I look forward to many, many, more years This is Ivan Misner, a very proud founder of BNI. Thanks for watching.

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