BNIPODCAST Episode 527: Will Social Media Replace Face-to-Face Networking?


Dr. Misner is very active on social media and thinks it’s great for brand-building. But for most businesses, social media does not replace all other forms of marketing. Unless you’re in an Internet-related business, social media doesn’t generate referrals in the way that face-to-face networking does.

The 2011 Freelance Industry Report survey found that networking-related activities generated 69.5% of freelancers’ business. Social media generated only 2.8% of business. Yet social media ranked #1 in terms of activities that freelancers planned to focus on in the following year.

Despite that professed intention, the 2012 Freelance Industry Report survey showed that social media still only accounted for 2.8% of freelancers’ business, with networking generating 74.3%. But social media was still the #1 activity that freelancers planned to engage in the following year.

Put your effort into the place that your business is coming from. If that’s social media, invest in social media. But if it’s face-to-face networking, invest in that.

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