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BoomKit launches platform to manage African Artists

Nigerian tech startup BoomKit has built a platform it hopes will change the fortunes of African artists. Through a digital distribution and career management app, the company is offering production, distribution and monetization tools for creatives, who are allowed to maintain 100% ownership of their works.

The company was launched last year and now says it has registered a user base of nearly 10,000. Co-founder Abiola Hamzat is a business executive with more than 9 years of experience in the showbiz industry.

“Royalty collection has always been an issue for African artists, and most of them end up forfeiting their earnings from music sales. Popular American distribution companies like Tunecore and CDBaby will require an artist to provide a PayPal account before they can process earnings, but unfortunately, PayPal is unavailable in most African countries,” Hamzat said.

Through the BoomKit platform, artists can purchase beats from their preferred producers across the continent, distribute their music to all digital platforms and receive their earnings. They also get access to marketing tools and track how their products are performing, making this a timely analytical tool for creatives.

“We are able to solve the payment problem by paying artists’ earnings directly into their local bank account and in their local currencies. Artists can choose to withdraw their earnings anytime they want and also split payment with their contributors, like producers or featured artists.”

According to CTO and co-founder Ridwan Jimoh, the company was founded “without a penny spent on marketing.”

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