Call for Application: UNDP’s ‘16 x 16’ initiative for for youth led organizations (funded to Rome, Italy)

’16 x 16’ is a new global initiative, supported by the Government of Italy, as part of UNDP’s Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development and Peace (Youth-GPS), to recognize and support 16 youth-led organisations, movements or networks that promote Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG16).

It is also a contribution to the implementation of the United Nations Youth Strategy, “Youth 2030”. Young people are recognized as “critical agents of change” for the 2030 Agenda, and they are already taking action to sustain peace, deliver justice, promote inclusive participation in politics and enhance accountability. Any attempt to build resilient governance must empower young people as key agents of change in their societies and communities. Youth voices, actions and willingness to influence decision-making processes in particular are essential, if sustainable development is to be achieved.

As a new initiative as part of the UNDP Youth Global Programme (Youth-GPS, 2016-2020), supported by the Government of Italy, the ‘16 x 16’ Initiative provides a timely opportunity to scale up efforts to recognize, promote and support young people’s role in implementing SDG16 (which is not only a valuable and important aspiration in its own right, but also a key enabler for the entire 2030 Agenda). In 2019, SDG16 is under review at the High-Level Political Forum, which provides an opportunity to take stock and promote understanding of and support to peace, justice and strong and inclusive institutions.

In May 2019, Italy will host in Rome, in partnership with UNDESA and IDLO, the SDG16 Preparatory Conference in advance of the High-Level Political Forum 2019. The Conference will gather United Nations entities, Governments and representatives from civil society, including youth organisations, and other stakeholders, for an in-depth discussion on the status of implementation of SDG16 and its interlinkages with the rest of 2030 Agenda. This initiative aims to meaningfully engage youth-led organizations in key processes leading to the HLPF and the SDG Summit at the United Nations, in 2019. With the ‘16 x 16’ Initiative, the objective is to identify, recognize and support 16 youth-led organisations, movements and networks who contribute to the implementation of SDG16 and who advocate for the needs and aspirations of young people in SDG review and follow-up processes.

More specifically, the ’16 x 16’ Initiative aims to: (a) Recognize and make visible young people’s leadership, agency and positive role in the context of SDG16, including by supporting their participation in the SDG16 Preparatory Conference in Rome in May 2019; (b) Expand existing and open new channels for participation in SDG implementation, monitoring and review, with a focus on SDG16 and related frameworks; and, (c) Support the development of youth-inclusive and co-created guidance and codification of knowledge, to strengthen policy and programming and achieve better collective impact.

This global call for applications for the ’16 x 16’ Initiative is open to young people leading organisations, movements and networks that promote and support peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

If selected, as a ’16 x 16’ participant, you will be part of a comprehensive programme of activities led by UNDP in collaboration with UN and other partners, as part of formal and informal SDG16-related processes and implementation.

You will participate in a one-day meeting prior to the SDG16 Preparatory Conference in Rome (May 2019);

contribute to a youth blog series on peaceful, just and inclusive societies; provide insights, guidance and recommendations to practitioners to strengthen youth-led programming;

might be engaged in UN meetings and activities -including the SDG16 Preparatory Conference, the HLPF, the SDG Summit. Out of this cohort of 16 youth organisations, movements and networks, 8 will be selected through this open call, by UNDP in collaboration with youth constituencies and other relevant partners, and 8 will be directly nominated by our field offices.

Gender parity and geographical spread, as well as youth diversity, will be ensured.


The ’16 x 16’ participates will collaborate on a voluntary basis;

costs for travels will be covered specific events, as relevant and in line with UNDP’s rules and guidelines.

Candidates are expected to:

● Be young themselves as per the definition of their country/territory.

● Lead a formal or informal youth-led organisation, movement and network.

● Have ongoing experience advancing SDG16 at the local, national or regional level

● Have good communication skills

● Be interested in contributing to the follow-up on SDG16 and to SDG16-related initiatives and the broader 2030 Agenda.

Apply Now for the UNDP’s ‘16 x 16’ initiative For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UNDP’s ‘16 x 16’ initiative

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