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Cenergy Solutions Announces their Global Biogas Capture and Utilization Program

Cenergy Solutions, a leader in low pressure adsorbent natural gas (ANG) technology has a Biogas (biomethane) Capture and Utilization System to help farms and communities around the world economically store and use their biogas instead of venting or flaring it.  
It is estimated that trillions of cubic meters of biogas are vented or burned worldwide each year from landfills, wastewater treatment plants and farms. This does not include the biogas that is not captured with a biogas digester and escapes into the atmosphere. Methane, the main makeup of biogas is reported to be 25 times more harmful to the atmosphere then CO2. Biogas, a renewable energy source is wasted around the world when it could be used to cook, heat water, run generators, farm and vehicles including scooters, passenger and commercial vehicles. The World Health Organization estimates that there are over 4.2 million people that die each year from pulmonary disease caused by cooking with wood. Cenergy Solutions’ adsorbent biogas systems can capture, store, transport and utilize this wasted renewable energy so that individuals and communities around the world can become energy independent by utilizing the renewable energy created from their organic waste.
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Cooking with Biogas Instead of Fossil Fuels or Wood
Cenergy Solutions’ proprietary Biogas Capture and Utilization System (BCU System) can now economically compress and store biogas in low pressure ANG tanks to be efficiently distributed to rural areas that are now cooking with LPG, wood or other biomass that is harmful to individuals and our environment. ANG tanks that are similar in size and weight to LPG tanks can be filled with biogas to be used in place of LPG in almost any propane appliance or application. Cenergy’s BCU System is dependable, easy to set up and can save money and even generate income while helping the environment and communities with their energy needs. Gary Fanger, Cenergy’s CEO said, “There is no reason for communities to be dependent on outside energy sources when they have the ability to generate biogas to replace fossil and biomass fuels in large quantities. If the world utilized this renewable energy it would save money, save our environment and most importantly save lives”.
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Cenergy Solutions’ Biogas Capture and Utilization System
Cenergy Solutions’ BCU System is easy to install, easy to use and can fill large numbers of portable tanks with biogas on a continuous basis. Biogas is vented or flared around the world because it cannot be economically stored or transported. Cenergys’ new patented low-pressure ANG systems now solve this problem by capturing and accommodating the use of biogas for home and commercial use. Cenergy’s dependable low-pressure UL certified compressor and ANG tanks will give the operator and the customers an economical way of utilizing biogas for a large variety of applications for years into the future. If you are interested in distributing or utilizing these systems in your business, community, or country, please contact us to learn more about our ANG systems and equipment.
About Cenergy Solutions
Cenergy Solutions has brought cutting-edge natural and biogas ANG systems to market for vehicles and other applications throughout the world. Additional information is available at

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