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Commodities Market activities to remain low ahead of elections

On the Exchange and in the free market, the prices of the majority of goods decreased week over week. On the Exchange, the price of maize fell the most, falling by 5.51%, while the price of sesame fell the most on the open market, falling by 6.63% week-over-week.

Market analysis indicates that given the lack of cash and the impending governorship elections, market activity will probably stay low. This is expected to reduce market demand for goods. The Exchange saw a 15% decrease in traded volumes over the past week under review.

The ACI and the AEI both slightly decreased, by 0.59% and 0.27%, respectively, as a result of falls in the price of export goods and grains.

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Market Price Dynamics
The Exchange observed a decrease in the price of most commodities during the most recent trading week. The laggard chart was led by maize, which fell by 5.51% week over week.
The open market adopted a like pattern. Sesame, on the other hand, topped the laggard chart with a w-o-w decline of 6.63%.
In the week under review, most grains experienced decreased closing prices on the global market. Sorghum, a grain, led the list of laggards, falling by 5.34% w-o-w.
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