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FAO calls for stricter measures to prevent locust invasion in Nigeria – Nigerian Tribune

The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has urged the Federal Government to maximize efforts to prevent desert locusts from invading the country.

FAO’s National Communication Officer, Mr David Tsokar, explained that while the country is currently not threatened by the swarms, concerted effort still needs to be put in place.

“Following the recent spread of desert locusts in some African countries, Nigeria has no immediate threat but control operations need to be scaled up rapidly to forestal the spread to invade other countries,” Tsokar said.

AgroNigeria had reported how the desert locusts in their billions have invaded Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda.

The FAO earlier described the desert locust as “the world’s most destructive migratory pest”.

“A single locust can travel 150km and eat its own weight as food about two grams each day,” the agency said.

FAO has also warned that countries have till around March when the planting season begins to control the infestation, especially as rainfall encourages increased breeding among the pests.
“We only have until the beginning of March to bring this infestation under control because that is when the rains and planting season begins.

“The swarms are highly mobile; the terrains often difficult; the logistical challenges immense. But if left unchecked and with expected additional rains, locust numbers in East Africa could increase 500 times by June,” FAO warned.

By Nurudeen Alimi, Nigerian Tribune

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