Google meet adds jaw-dropping feature to beat Zoom and Microsoft Teams

People enjoy participating at structured virtual/online meetings as long as you can engage with them. Google has started to roll out its latest headline-grabbing feature for its Google Meet video calling: noise-cancellation.

As virtual meetings become standard,  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other apps have been innovating responsively, to win and retain users/clients.

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In May 2020, Microsoft promised an update which would subdue the noises of dogs barking or keyboards clicking. Now, Google Meet has pressed the button on its own way of making video calls more productive and enjoyable.

Managing video calls, with the numerous security features and settings, has become a skill that we must all develop. How does one deal with interfering noise though? The barking of a dog can be quite intrusive, as is the rustle of a biscuit pack. The audio quality suffers as a result of these intrusions.

Keyboard noises will be silenced in the Google Meet update, along with the desk fan and the sound of snacks being consumed. We look forward to the full release of this feature.

SOURCE: Forbes

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