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How NESTLÉ Nigeria products is Providing Affordable Nutrition in Central and West Africa

Malnutrition and food insecurity pose significant challenges for many communities in Africa, necessitating innovative solutions to combat these issues. The nutritional landscape across various regions of the continent is intricate, with reports from the World Bank indicating a high prevalence of stunted growth and anaemia among children due to inadequate nutrition.

Therefore, it is imperative for food manufacturing companies in Africa to fulfill their responsibility by offering products enriched with essential nutrients to address nutritional deficiencies within the population.

Addressing the nutritional requirements of the population is crucial, with affordability playing a key role in the battle against malnutrition and food insecurity.

NESTLÉ Nigeria products

In Central and West Africa, NESTLÉ Nigeria products is dedicated to providing both children and adults with the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development.

“In 2022, Nestlé provided consumers in our region with 89.5 billion servings of products fortified with at least one of the four main micronutrients we lack (Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Vitamin A) to help bridge the gap in micronutrient deficiencies, particularly iron deficiency. The recent launch of NIDO Milk & Soya in Nigeria is part of the company’s commitment to making improved nutrition affordable and accessible throughout the region. This demonstrates how affordability can be incorporated into nutritional solutions, ensuring that essential nutrients are accessible to all, regardless of their socioeconomic status,” stated Salomé Azevedo, Business Executive Officer – Dairy, NESTLÉ Central & West Africa.

NESTLÉ Nigeria products utilizes soybeans sourced locally in Nigeria for the production of NIDO Milk & Soya, acknowledging the impact of accessibility on affordability. By adopting this strategy, the company not only promotes local agriculture but also guarantees easy access to the product for consumers in the area. This localized production and sourcing method effectively cuts down on transportation expenses, ultimately leading to a more affordable price for the end consumer.

A sustainable solution – NESTLÉ Nigeria products

NESTLÉ’s Nigeria products commitment to sustainability is evident in its support of Nigerian farmers through the use of locally sourced soybeans for NIDO Milk & Soya production. By reducing transportation costs and supporting local agriculture, the company not only ensures accessibility and affordability for consumers in the region but also minimizes the environmental impact of its operations. This localized approach to production showcases NESTLÉ’s dedication to responsible corporate citizenship and achieving its emission reduction targets by 2025.

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