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Finding the right cofounder is no small feat! You have to evaluate your potential partner on so many levels like: personality, skillsets, motivations, values and the network they bring to the table. It can be daunting…

Did you know that having the right cofounder by your side is critical to your success? Here are some interesting statistics about how people and partners impact your business:

  1. 62% of startups fail due to cofounder conflict
  2. Teams with multiple cofounders outperformed solo founders by 163%
  3. On average, companies at the scaling stage have at least 17 employees

Bottom line: team is everything. You can’t build a world-class business on your own. Having the right people on board can make (or break) your business.

If you could skip common (and costly) team building and hiring mistakes by learning from experts, wouldn’t you go for it? That’s why we’ve created a course designed to help you master the techniques to build a powerhouse team. This course is filled with expertise and tips from years of real startup experience. Don’t suffer through the school of hard knocks; cut to the chase and learn from people who are successful.

Join us for the “Build Your Rockstar Team” course starting July 9th! The course is available as part of Premium membership, and it includes:

  • 15 presentations to learn how to find a cofounder and build a rockstar team
  • access to office hours so you can ask pointed questions about your situation
  • a live Cofounder Success Stories session
  • a live Virtual Cofounder Matchup event

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Space is limited!

Learn about:

  • How to find your cofounder and determine compatibility
  • How to split the ownership of company
  • When and how to recruit strong advisors
  • When and how to onboard strategic board members
  • How to run board meetings
  • How to hire rockstars as your first employees
  • How to retain talent and build a vibrant company culture
  • How to manage people
  • How to be a great leader
  • And more. See full syllabus here.


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