India’s Ban on Wheat Export in the domestic market

The Indian government has placed a ban on wheat export to moderate domestic prices in the domestic market. The effect of the Russia-Ukraine crisis is still been observed as food prices continue to rise across the globe.

It was observed on the Exchange that the price of all commodities except cashew fell W-o-W. However, in the open market W-o-W, maize, soybean, cocoa, sesame, and cashew dipped while paddy rice, sorghum, and ginger gained. Also observed in the international prices of commodities W-o-W, all commodities gained except for Cocoa.

Market Price Performance

  • Prices of all commodities on the Exchange fell W-o-W except cashew. Furthermore, cashew, paddy rice, and cocoa gained 35.78%, 22.79%, and 6.34% respectively Y-t-D.
  • In the open market, sorghum, ginger and paddy rice gained 4.34%, 1.61% & 1.57% W-o-W. Y-t-D, maize, sorghum, and soybean fell by, 15.89%, 10.16% and 6.12% respectively.
  • Except for cocoa, international price of all commodities gained, W-o-W. In addition, Y-t-D, maize, sesame and soybean gained 41.18%, 25.30% and 23.28% respectively.

Check out other relevant details on market performance by accessing the report here .

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