Invitation to Tekedia Capital – Open Session and Demo Day

Tekedia Capital will have an Open Session on May 29, 2021 at 4pm WAT on Zoom to answer questions on Tekedia Capital syndicate & membership, early stage investment in Africa, sectors and opportunities, market drivers and the broad topic of seeking alpha within entrepreneurial capitalism. 
Date: Saturday, May 29
Time: 4pm – 5pm WAT
Zoom Link: click here ( )
 (Our Zoom takes a max of 100 people. If that happens, go here and watch via YouTube Live

Tekedia Capital offers a specialty investment vehicle (or investment syndicate) which makes it possible for citizens, groups and organizations to co-invest in innovative startups and young companies in Africa. Through our syndicate, anyone or entity with a minimum of $10,000 can invest in amazing Africa-focused early stage technology-anchored startups.

Learn more about Tekedia Capital here (

More so, Tekedia Capital Demo Day for Q2 2021 is June 12. That one is restricted to only members of our syndicate. Membership costs $1,000 or local equivalent per year. If you join, you will receive access to startups we will co-invest in this quarter. They include insurtech, fintech, healthtech, energy-tech, autotech, etc startups. Join us and let us build the NEXT Africa.  

Join us and let us build the NEXT Africa.

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