Money Does Grow On Sequoia(s), Beverage Startups Take A Big Gulp, And AARG Startup Multiples Explained

Startups in many industries made funding gains this week. Celonis picked up $50 million to streamline business processes, and BigID raised $30 million to protect corporate data. On the DevOps front, Puppet and Codefresh scored $42 million from Cisco and $8 million from Microsoft, respectively. Of course, the sharing economy was at it again, as Scooter company Bird closed its $300 million round from Sequoia amidst its rivalry with Lime, while Lyft raised $600 million boosting its valuation to $15.1 billion.

Our analyses this week ran the gamut from beverage startups to crypto. Crunchbase News found that drink startups are gulping investments from VCs (ever heard of cheese tea?) while Airbnb hosts are turning to startups and big data to remain competitive. Meanwhile, we explored investors that are dedicated to blockchain and investigated the correlation between crypto hype and crypto price. And if you’re a U.S. entrepreneur looking to China, preparedness and flexibility are key.

Speaking of China, Beijing-based used car marketplace Uxin regained its footing after pricing below its expected range during the busiest week of U.S. IPOs since 2015. We also looked into slumping Chinese tech stocks, updated you on the public status of Xiaomi, Domo, and Airbnb, and gave you an overview of tech IPOs that you should look out for.

On the VC front, we examined the rise of huge funds as Sequoia closed $6 billion of an $8 billion fund to expand its global footprint. PeaceTechLab is also going global as it aims to fund startups that advance global peace and human rights.

Lastly, because the Crunchbase News team loves a good book, we reviewed Subscribed by Zuora founder Tien Tzuo. With subscription-based revenue in mind, we also explained ARRG and its shortcomings in evaluating startups.

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