More VCs want to back your bootstrapped company, a new cybersecurity unicorn is born, BNPL megarounds continue

The investors that led U.S. startup funding last month

The private capital market plowed on in January despite some shakiness in the stock market. We look at which investors closed the most startup funding deals in the U.S. and what they’re investing in.

Why more VCs may want to back your bootstrapped company

More than 1,000 startups in the Crunchbase database appear to have been bootstrapped without outside funding for years before taking venture or angel investment last year. Although bootstrapped businesses don’t always fit the traditional Silicon Valley mold, some VCs are looking to invest in these companies—and some of those businesses are considering offers of outside capital. We look at the pros and cons of each model.

Salt Security joins growing herd of cyber-corns

API security company Salt Security raised a $140 million Series D round that earns it a $1.4 billion valuation and mints it as cybersecurity’s latest unicorn.

BNPL startups keep raking in mega funding rounds

Buy now, pay later upstarts across the globe have been raking in billions in fresh funding from venture and growth investors, and money continues to flow to the space. The latest to rack up investment is a 3-year-old French startup that just raised $210 million in debt and equity financing.

Why ‘upskilling’ is attracting billions in venture funding

Amid the Great Resignation, we’ve seen a boom in global investment to startups developing tools and platforms focused on upskilling and reskilling workers.

EV sector eyes another $5B from Biden

With the Biden administration allocating $5 billion for new electric vehicle infrastructure, we look at the startup EV space, which has seen tens of billions in venture funding and last year counted Rivian’s chart-topping IPO among its big wins.

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Crunchbase 101: 20 critical buying signals to monitor

In sales, timing is key. Monitoring key buying signals can help you reach out to prospects at the right time with the right message. Not sure where to begin? Here are 20 critical buying signals you can start monitoring right now.

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