Mouka Unveils Novel Technology To Further Its Quality Mandate

As a company which prides itself in investing in Research and Development (R&D), Mouka recently equipped its world-class laboratory with two additional machines that are said to be one of a kind in Nigeria. 

These machines were installed in a purpose-built facility within its headquarters in Lagos to give the mattress manufacturer a further edge above other players. 

Mr David Onyemata, the Head of Manufacturing Operations of Mouka, said: “At Mouka, quality is our watchword. We are constantly evaluating global R&D best practices in processing and mattress manufacture. Not only do we pay attention to every intricate detail when crafting our products, but we also subject them to thorough test protocols to ensure we are really giving our consumers the best sleep products. This has led to upgrading our laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment”. 

Engineer Chimezie Nwosuagwu, the Quality Assurance, R&D, and Process Improvement Manager, while sheding light on the unique features of this technology, as well as the benefit to consumers, said: “With these machines, we can conduct wholistic mattress performance assessment on mattresses. Before now, most Quality Tests were limited to lab sample foam sizes and not on full-sized mattresses”. We can now carry out a Mattress Durability Test, which shows us mattress resistance to deflection and deformation impact of human weight and movement on the properties of the mattress during long-term use. 

“We can also carry out a Mattress Hardness Value & Firmness Rating Test, which indicates the load-bearing capacity of the mattress, i.e. what body weight can this mattress support during long-term use without affecting its performance. We can even carry out a Fatigue / Height Loss Test with these machines to predict the loss in load-bearing capability and change in mattress height due to repeated load”. 

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When asked about the benefits of this technology to the Nigerian consumer, Mr Chimezie said: “These machines can decrypt the right mattress properties and specifications for different user needs and applications. In other words, when we say we can help you find the right mattress for you, we mean it. Also, these machines establish guidelines for mattress construction, so you are sure you get the best when buying a Mouka mattress”. 

The general manager, Femi Fapohunda, said, “During my last press interview, I mentioned that Mouka is moving to even greater heights due to the strategic change of ownership in Dolidol, the market leader in the sleep industry in West Africa. I had said that Dolidol brought technological experience on board that would be obvious to everyone. “

He also said that a few months ago, Mouka launched Nigeria’s first cushion made with patented biocrystalline technology called Mouka Bio-Pillow. Now the company is presenting this important update of its R&D facilities. This is one more step that Mouka is taking to ensure that the needs and preferences of consumers are met in our product portfolio.

The Mouka brand has been recognized for its excellence by consumers, healthcare professionals, regulatory bodies and other credible associations. Praise, awards and certifications have been received from the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), the Society of Physiotherapy of Nigeria (NSP) and the National Association of Orthopedic and Manual Therapists (NAOMT).

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