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NACC and Multimix Export House hold Agro-Commodity Export Masterclass

The Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) in collaboration with Multimix Export House organized a 2-Day Agro-Commodity Export Masterclass. The workshop which held on 16th and 17th November, took place at the Multimix Global Learning Center, 3rd Floor, Tapa House. 3/5 Imam Dauda Street off Eric Moore Road by Sunflag. Surulere, Lagos.

The recent ban of some food items from Europe has been very embarrassing and impacting negatively on the contribution of Agro commodities to the national economy. This is a setback for a nation that desperately needs to expand its export basket to boost domestic agricultural activities and create jobs.

The workshop which focused on export commodities; Sesame Seeds, Ginger, Cashew Nuts and Products, Shea Nuts/Butter and Processed Vegetable & Food Products was designed to equip stakeholders, produce merchants, infant exporters, existing exporters, commodity brokers, foreign buyers, investors, financiers and government export facilitating and inspection agencies with the information and knowledge to take good decisions to enhance their profitability.

From available statistics, only few countries in the world can match Nigeria’s endowment in the area of Natural resources as Nigerian agricultural commodities rank among the best in the world. The workshop featured the doyen of the export industry, Dr. Obiora Madu (Mr. Export) and seasoned industry practitioners who held participants spellbound for two days, Itemizing all the challenges and landmines in the value chain and providing practicable mitigants.

According to Dr. Obiora, the biggest problem with export is that of shipping poor quality produce and this can be taken care of if we can spend time to study the commodities we wish to export. Agro-Commodity export can be very profitable if things are done right in terms of quality particularly and in other areas of risk management and finance.

Though the third session in a row, the workshop was very successful just like the two before it. Considering the yearnings of participants, we were thinking of a major conference on commodity export to widen the reach and assist the sector with the requisite skill-sets for success, he said.

According to Joyce Akpata, Director-General, NACC, the Chamber remains committed to capacity building, this workshop was informed by our experiences in commodity trade, fairs, trade missions and export management expos.

We are constantly building partnerships for expansion into foreign markets. Market knowledge and intelligence are pivotal for success in agro commodity export thus minimizing risks and protecting highly valued assets hence this collaboration, she said.

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