NASME Lagos presents Business Model

The Lagos State chapter of the Nigeria Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) has unveiled its business model for its members. Presenting this at the April edition of the Association’s monthly meeting, the Secretary of NASME Lagos, Mr. K. J. Mike, said that the focus of the model is creating of successful entrepreneurs engaged in skill acquisition and growth of the economy.

At the event, members were exposed to various business opportunities from several companies. Among these was is Dobizness.Com, a Nigerian based B2B platform providing global business to business (B2B) opportunities, business matching services and supplier verification to Nigerian businesses. Also presented was SocketWorks Limited, an  indigenous  software development / ICT company proposing to develop an information Management System and e-Payment platform for NASME and its members.

Speaking further, the NASME Lagos secretary, Mr. K. J. Mike, stated that the new business model for the members includes setting up of business clusters, business advisory committee, financial management committee, Training committee, Marketing, Branding and Publicity committee, Tax and Regulatory Agency Advocacy Committee and verification committee. The essence of all these, he explained is to guide and mentor members for success. Part of the model is the positioning of NASME as co-terminus with quality products and services and members can use the NASME’s logo as an identity mark of quality/recognition.

The association is taking other giant steps to ensure the success of the new business model. Part of these is funding for members businesses through cooperatives, sourcing for sponsors and patrons. In addition, NASME Lagos is setting up a graduating system to help members businesses grow from micro to small, to medium and to large medium through some well defined thresh holds.

Speaking at the occasion, the president of NASME Lagos, Mr. Aderonju, said that the business model was developed in consonance with the vision of the current executives of the Lagos chapter and needs the cooperation and commitment of all the members to excel.


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