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Price of Maize on the Rise as Demand Surge

On the Exchange, we witnessed a 6.41% increase in the price of maize and a marginal increase in paddy rice by 0.29% respectively. Other commodities remained muted despite transactions on the Exchange. 

We saw a similar movement in the price of maize in the open market after a 4.36% increase w-o-w to maintain a 6-week upward performance on the back of higher demand.

In contrast, the international price of maize plummeted because the demand for maize in China declined. W-o-W, the ACI surged by 14.39% while the AEI dipped 0.98% respectively

Market Price Performance

  • The Exchange price of maize surged for the second consecutive week.
  • Strong demand for maize in the open market drove its price up for the sixth week.
  • Weakened demand for maize from China eased its price in the international market.

Check out other relevant details on market performance by accessing the report here .

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