RSVP Now for the 2018 Free Startup Hacking Summit

GSE returns with the infamous Startup Hacking Summit Tour. Last year 3000 entrepreneurs gained entry to our free 3 hour action packing sessions. 

Startup Hacking Summit (London): RSVP for free access on October 3, 2018 

Startup Hacking Summit (NYC): RSVP for free access on November 10, 2018 

Startup Hacking Summit (DC): RSVP for free access on December 8, 2018 

Join us for the most informative startup event of the year!

What to expect?

  • Hundreds of links to top resources, websites, and information.
  • Strategies on how to leverage these resources.
  • Tangible case studies and live examples.
  • Creative ideas and hacks.
  • Insights on how to execute effectively.
  • Roadmap for experimentation and execution.

Topics Covered

  • Product Hacking
  • Growth Hacking
  • Press Hacking
  • Funding Hacking
  • Resource Hacking


Host Introduction

  • Welcome
  • GSE: Features & Networks
  • GSE: About the Founders
  • GSE: Startup Hacking 101 Model
  • GSE: Startup Accelerator Program
  • GSE: Startup Pre- Accelerator Program


  • How to Create an Ideation Plan, B-Plan, & Execution Plan


  • Pitch Marketing: How to Pitch Your Company and Win Prizes & Partnerships


  • Fundraising: How to raise $25k-$500k via Prizes, Crowdfunding and Investments


  • Free Startup Resources


Christine Souffrant Ntim is a Haitian-American entrepreneur with over 7 years business management experience across 30+countries. She was selected for Forbes 30 Under 30, AdAge 40 Under 40, and Caribbean Change Makers 30 Under 30 in 2016. She is an award winning keynote speaker.


ABOUT GSE: Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE): is a central hub designed to educate, inspire and prepare startup communities for the digital age.GSE primarily provides online digital accelerator programs for startup ecosystems in different geographic regions, industry verticals, and impactful topic areas. Regions of focus are: Africa, Asia,America,Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and the  Middle East . Frontier tech areas of focus are: Space , Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Drones IOT (Network + Sensors), Robotics, Synthetic Biology (Nano Tech) and Manufacturing (3d printing). Topic and industries of focus are: Fintech, Ed tech, Health Tech, Sustainable Development Goals. Smart City, Diversity and more.GSE also inspires influential stakeholdership by providing the world’s leading lab platform for training institutional entities such as governments, corporations, foundations, and universities. The GSE Digital Lab trains entities on the key elements of digital innovation and help these entities host customized digital accelerator programs that empowers their respective constituents.We culminate our digital programs by providing unique ecosystem experiences through a series off offline summits, bootcamps, and tours.

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