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Sylvester Aguddah’s SylverscreenArts hosts ART of HeART Exhibition at Radisson Blue Hotel Ikeja on July 31

This exhibition presents over 40 works expressed in different media including collage art, mixed media, metal string art, wood art and wearable art and takes place at the Radisson Blue hotel, Ikeja on July 31, 2022

The works in ART of HeART explore unconventional conceptions of love manifested across the realms of human experience, the likes of beauty, hope, GOD, religious tolerance, life celebrations, cultures amongst others.

ARTs by Silvester Aguddah
Arts by Silvester Aguddah of SylverscreenArts

“Asides my signature style which is collage, I find myself exploring more media of art which include spray on canvas, sketches, photo art and painting. Recently, I have been working with wire strips and broken pieces of frames and it has been quite amazing and fulfilling journey,’’ he revealed in his artist statement. His metallic statements are accentuated with the use of bold colours in pieces like “Bicycle” and “Danfo”.

“My works explore human interactions and the struggle to remain sane in a crazy cold world. My choice of media is Godly revelations and what life shows me and has helped me utilise things that will otherwise be discarded. Each piece here is my message of hope to you”, said Aguddah

Silverster Aguddah
Silvester Aguddah of Sylverscreen Arts

As love is one strong message the artist likes to share, the messages in the works here implore us to genuinely feel or explore humanity more as we could cooperatively move in the ‘better’ direction that we want.

In the end, it is only one race; the human race. You are invited to experience, enjoy and debate Sylvester Aguddah’s creative handiwork.

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