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Tekedia Discounts CollegeBoost To Support Nigerian Students Affected by ASUU Strike

Tekedia Institute is one of the largest educational institutions in Africa. We have learners from more countries than any school in continental Africa.

When ASUU (university teachers in Nigeria) announced that it was extending its strike, our organization decided to show solidarity to college students by giving them access to our world-class CollegeBoost, a mini-MBA designed for undergraduate students. Also, we removed the group registration requirement, making it possible that any student can register on-demand (you register and begin your studies immediately).

Tekedia CollegeBoost awards Tekedia Advanced Diploma in Business Administration after eight weeks of rigorous studies with us.

We invite undergraduate students to register with N10,000 (or $30) per person (discounted from N45,000 or $100). The program syllabus and many payment options are here.

This discounted offer will end March 31, 2022.

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