The Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) in partnership with FootPrint to Africa is set to hold the first edition of The Independence Investment Forum (TIIF). TIIF is an annual event supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the United States, Nigeria.It would be held on the 1st of October, 2019; Nigeria’s Independence Day. Commemorating the independence of Nigeria, the event seeks to advance economic cooperation between Nigeria and the United States through promotion of business and services that improve trade relations and prosperity of both nations.

For 58 years on, the NACC has grown into a dynamic organization as it stands as a pillar of the relationship between the United States of America and Nigeria, serving as an important catalyst in bringing together people and ideals to bolster bilateral commercial relations between Nigeria and the United States.

We have facilitated business-to-business relationships and advanced economic cooperation between Nigeria and the United States through promotion of business and services that improve trade relations and prosperity of both nations; providing programs and services that improve economic prosperity and sustainability of businesses.

As an investment bridge and financial news company, FootPrint to Africa has consistently promoted and facilitated intra-African trade and foreign investment between Global Investors, African businesses and African states.

The Independence Investment Forum is aimed at attracting long term investments into Agriculture, Power/Energy, Mining and Commodities with focus on American investors and interested parties with presence across the globe. TIIF 2019 will bring together policy makers, domestic and foreign direct investors, business leaders, expert speakers and other key stakeholders to a single location in Lagos, Nigeria and will offer a platform for discussing investment needs and goals without the need for investors to travel to various locations in Nigeria to see projects or for Nigerian companies seeking investments to travel to multiple countries to pitch to investors.

We are very excited about the level of enthusiasm we have received from proposed speakers, stakeholders, partners and investors in Africa and across the globe.

The focus of TIIF upon registration is pivotal as we have created a structure to drive maximum impact in the business space.


  1. Interested companies, stakeholders and individuals will be able to register to attend the Conference and Gala night which will feature dedicated networking sessions, Market knowledge Sharing, Investment pitches, access to expert insight on local and foreign markets among others.
  2. Interested businesses, companies and organizations doing business in Agriculture, Power/Energy, Real Estate, Mining and Commodities and are thinking about either expanding their operations or establishing a presence there can register as TIIF is aimed at attracting long term investments into those sectors and matchmaking businesses with investors and business leaders with presence in American and across the globe.
  3. Lastly, Nigeria is a country buzzing with creative energy and blessed with vast resources and opportunities. You can’t claim to do business in Africa if you are not in Nigeria. TIIF offers the opportunity for investors to invest in Agriculture, Power/Energy, Real Estate, Mining and Commodities. Investors can register their investment interest for matchmaking with viable businesses.

Today, we announce that registration for the independence Investment Forum (TIIF) 2019 is opened from October 1st, 2018. Registration will be concluded on the events website.


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