African Leadership magazine has recently finalized arrangements to hold the 4th African Education Summit (AES) – Washington DC 2019 at the George Washington University, on Thursday, May 2nd, 2019, with policymakers, education leaders and stakeholders across the United States and Africa in attendance.
The 4th African Education Summit (AES) – Washington DC 2019 is a prominent and an annual programme of the African Leadership magazine since 2016, that brings together and engages policymakers, education leaders in the private and public sectors, international development institutions, Think-tanks and stakeholders from across the United States and Africa in plenary, panel and keynote presentations on issues relating to the educational systems in Africa.
This year’s edition promises to be even bigger as delegates from higher institutions will take part in a Study Tour of George Washington University, showcase trends, research and innovative sustainability projects in their Universities, and engage policymakers, education leaders and stakeholders across the United States, and also international development institutions to present thought-leadership on the new African education landscape.
“As we all know, the George Washington University is a private research university, that is known for its unparalleled location and state-of-the-art facilities that encourage students, faculty and staff to cultivate new collaborations and innovative solutions as they work with fellow researchers and policymakers alike”, Dr. Ken Giami, Publisher, African Leadership magazine stated, while highlighting some of the benefits of attending this summit in Washington DC.
Dr. Giami added that “research and development is a critical measure of the quality of higher education. As such, it is quite appalling that the continent only accounted for 1.3% of global Research & Development (R&D) in 2013 and Africa claimed 2.1% of world scholarly publications, compared to 33.1% for Asia, and 32.9% for Europe In 2014.”
He, therefore, concluded that the African education leaders will have a thing to learn by touring the George Washington University and engaging stakeholders in the United States.
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