7 Easy Fixes for Common Laptop Issues by Monica Madisson

We invest lots of money to purchase a laptop for our profession as well as personal use. Now, what will happen if your laptop stops working and you are unable to use it? Surely, nothing will be more frustrating than it. The problem becomes bigger when you have to go to the repair center as this will be so expensive.

However, many times some problems are common and with some effective steps, you can quickly solve the errors within a flicker of time. Here, we are going to discuss the top-notches laptop problems and 7 easy fixes for common laptop issues.

Easy Solutions to Common Laptop Issues

Here, we have discussed some of the common laptop errors and most importantly how to solve the issue within no downtime.

The laptop doesn’t Turn on

This is the most frustrating error that you might experience while using your laptop. You press the power button of the laptop, however, nothing happens. When this error occurs, you will be unable to get access to your important files and documentation.


To overcome the situation, at first, you need to ensure that you have charged your device. In case you think your laptop has charged fully, then there might be something happens wrong with the AC adapter. In this situation, you are advised to check the AC adapter and if possible then buy a new one.

Now, if the AC adapter is not the culprit, then there’s a possibility that the DC jack is unable to give power to the computer. Hence, you are advised to change the DC jack.

The Pink Screen Error

Due to Software and Hardware failure, you might have to deal with the pink screen on laptop  issues. In case, you will see a pink hue on the external monitor, then the problem might occur because of the Software problem. However, if not then the Hardware problem will be the culprit.

Solution :

Now, if the problem occurs because of the Hardware problem, then you are suggested to turn off your computer first and after that remove all the unwanted peripherals from your device. On the next time, when you power on your device, ensure that you turn on your device with the monitor, keyboard and mouse.

In case the pink screen issue arises due to the Software problem, then we advise you to upgrade your device to its best-recommended version. To do so, first, you must simultaneously press the Windows and X keys on the keyboard. From the lots of options, select the Device Manager button.

 Under the Device Manager tab, you must go to the bottom and then locate as well as right-click on the Graphic Card. Then, you must have to pick the Update Driver button. After that, tick on the box beside the ‘Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software ‘ option and follow the on-screen instructions in order to complete the rest of the procedure.  After installing the driver, surely you will overcome the situation.

Laptop Blank Screen

In case, your laptop is turned on but you are unable to show anything on the display, then it means you are dealing with laptop blank screen error. In this circumstance, remove the power cable from the power source and then take out the battery. Before plugin, you should press and hold the power button for at least one minute and then reboot your device. Then, insert the battery and restart your battery again.

In case, this procedure doesn’t work for you, you might be encountering the memory failure error. Make sure that the memory module is popularly connected with the slot. If possible, then try to replace the memory modules with a new one.

Apart from this, you are also suggested to remove other peripherals such as keyboard, drive or modem in order to determine what is causing the problem. However, if the issue still persists, then change the motherboard.

Laptop Repeatedly Turns Off and On

Sometimes, you press the Power on button and the device turns on and turn off on its own and your laptop continuously freezes. In such a condition, we advise you to thoroughly inspect the memory module and then replace the memory module. Unfortunately, if you are dealing with the same error, then try to replace the motherboard.

Laptop Makes Unwanted Noise

Many laptops make sounds when you turn on the device or you might hear a sound from the laptop fan. This is normal, however sometimes, while your device is running, you might hear some unwanted sound from your laptop. Now, in case, you hear unwanted sound from your laptop, then the first thing that you need to do is to inspect the cooling fan and repair it.

However, if the cooling fan is not spinning and you are still hearing the sound from the laptop, then the hard drive might create unwanted noise. Hence, in these circumstances, you don’t have any other option rather than replacing the hard drive. However, before replacing the hard -drive it’s highly-recommended to keep a back up of your essential files and data.

Battery Unable to Charge Properly

This is another common laptop problem with which you might have to deal with. To fix the problem, we advise to slightly move the cord in order to alter the position in the power connector and then adjust the AC adapter. After that, the LED light will flash again and indicates that your battery is charging. However, if still, nothing happens, then the adapter cord is damaged and you might have to replace it. Still, facing the same issue? Then change the battery.

The Strange image on the Display

Sometimes, you might see that the screen image is distorted. When this happens, it will be difficult for you to continue a task. To overcome the situation, we suggest you use your device with an external monitor. Occasionally, a corrupt graphics card can be the culprit for the error. In these cases, you need to take your laptop to your nearby laptop repair center.


In today’s world, laptops and computers become an essential part of our daily life. However, being an electronic device, laptops are not free from technical flaws. These are the common laptop issues that might occur when you are using your laptop. Fortunately, with these pocket-friendly solutions, you can get rid of the error.

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