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ALX is offering training in software engineering skills to 50,000 women across Africa

The first cohort of its kind for women in Africa is being offered by ALX, a top global provider of tech industry training. The cohort, which is a component of ALX’s “WomXn and Tech” initiative, will help up to 50,000 women throughout Africa. The project, according to the firm, was motivated by the United Nations International Women’s Day (IWD) theme “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.”

By encouraging women to participate in innovation and the development of solutions for a varied world, ALX is demonstrating its commitment to closing the gender gap in technology in Africa. This cohort will serve as a springboard for women to advance their careers in one of the most fascinating and sought-after industries worldwide.

ALX, a premier technological training organization that is a member of African Leadership International (ALI), provides world-class programs to thousands of young people throughout Africa, giving them the technical and professional skills they need to succeed in high-growth industries.

The figures are depressing to read. Worldwide, just 5% of software engineers are women. Even using the global average, there is a large gender gap that has to be addressed given that there are an estimated 690 000 software engineers in Africa.

ALX will take the required action to lessen this significant discrepancy through this female cohort. ALX is able to provide sponsored placements to thousands of young women who match the program’s eligibility conditions because of its partnership with the Mastercard Foundation.

ALX is aware that having a female viewpoint when developing solutions for the world of tomorrow and having a female voice are essential for our collective future. Via “WomXn and Tech,” we are passionately announcing our call to action for women all over the continent and the rest of the world to remodel the table rather than merely take a seat at it. According to Fred Swaniker, the founder and CEO of ALI, this cohort of 100% female software engineers aids in achieving this.

The program is now possible thanks to ALI’s recent acquisition of Holberton Inc., a prestigious Silicon Valley organization. The aim of the organization, to develop Africa’s human capital at scale and empower women with best-in-class digital skills and excellence, is aligned with ALX’s status as one of the largest software engineering educators in the world.

Imagine living in a society where everyone’s opinions are valued, where they are all heard, and where they can all offer their special skills and knowledge to the development of the best goods and services. According to Julien Barbier, co-founder of Holberton and Chief Product Officer at ALI, this is the environment in which technology must advance, where women make up half of all consumers yet are frequently left out of the engineering process.

According to him, by utilizing the full potential of our various communities, we not only promote innovation but also free up the untapped potential and creativity of every African.

The cohort has been created to support women from the beginning of their education to the end of their professional careers as they join The ROOM, ALI’s global network of top technology professionals.

We aim to inspire African young women to view technology as a route to a successful career. In order to help them succeed and either pursue a career in technology or start their own technology businesses, we are investing in young women, says Sharon O’Donnell, Chief Experience Officer at ALI.

The quality of a girl’s future is influenced by the quality of the opportunities she has to learn and acquire career-relevant skills, says Reeta Roy, president and CEO of the Mastercard Foundation. The Mastercard Foundation is dedicated to removing structural obstacles that prevent young women from getting relevant education and respectable employment prospects. By our collaboration with ALI, we are trying to make it possible for women to act as change agents and champions in their neighborhoods, opening doors for younger girls and the economy as a whole. The deadline for female applicants to the ALX Software Engineering intake is March 15. The program will begin on March 27.

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