Call for Applications: Small Grants for African Heritage Projects ($5,000–$50,000 funding)

A new request for concept notes for modest grants ($5000–$50000) for organizations, groups, and people working with heritage in Africa is being released by the Heritage Management Organization (HERITGE) (https://HeritageManagement.org).

The awards are a component of our Heritage Management Project for Africa (HerMaP-Africa), which is supported by the Humanities in Place initiative of the Mellon Foundation. They will provide funding for initiatives that emphasize the preservation and/or promotion of regional heritage for the continent’s socioeconomic growth.

According to Dr. Evangelos Kyriakidis, director of HERITAGE, We are looking to unlock the potential of heritage in Africa in order to make a difference for the development of local communities.” We are prepared to collaborate with regional groups across the continent to empower people through heritage.

Applicants must show that their project meets one or more of the following three requirements:

1) Sustainability – Our focus is on projects that will last far beyond the project’s lifespan, such as protecting historical sites from desertification by establishing green belts, preserving, stabilizing, and adaptably reusing a historic building for community needs, researching the public heritage landscape, installing solar panels at historical sites to generate income or cut costs in the long run, and developing eco-friendly tourism.

2) Building capacity and a network – We support initiatives that boost regional expertise and forge stronger ties with partner organizations in the HERITGE network. Examples include on-the-job training in preventive conservation (such as clearing or fencing sites), experience and skill sharing on common challenges like desertification or site erosion with other local NGOs, cooperative training on museum exhibition design, etc.

  1. Projects with a real, demonstrable impact on the community and on protecting the local cultural heritage are encouraged. Each initiative must to offer distinct indicators of the intended impact. These indicators will vary depending on the type of work done, but some examples include increased attendance at a heritage site or program, financial gains for the neighborhood in the form of more jobs created or local businesses established, tourism earnings, cost savings from the installation of solar panels, the size of the area shielded from desertification, etc.

Please fill out the concept note application form found here (https://apo-opa.info/3KxLtcU) or visit our website, HeritageManagement.org, to apply for these funds.

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