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CryptoLeague Announces an Oversubscribed Pre-Seed Round of $2.2M, Pioneering the Power of Web3 Investing Communities

CryptoLeague, a Wynwood-based web3 tech company, announced today that it closed an oversubscribed pre-seed round, unlocking its mission to empower web3 investing communities with the tools to accelerate their financial freedom. The $2.2M round, with participation from Gaingels, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Magic Fund, Side Door Ventures, Darling Ventures, Boutique Capital, Florida Funders, and a group of web3-focused super angels will be utilized to further develop the CryptoLeague product and continue assembling its global team.

CryptoLeague™. Where performance-obsessed web3 investment communities are born. Ape in better... (together). Engage-to-Earn™. Visit us at

CryptoLeague is pioneering a new category in investing platforms, by harnessing the wisdom of the crowds in community investing. The founders of CryptoLeague believe that crypto and NFT investing is a community sport, which should be social, accessible, self-governing, competitive, and ultimately rewarding.

You can sign-up for the waitlist at

“We are creating the place where degens and traditional investors come together, a positive sum game on a quest to accelerate financial freedom for as many people as possible,” said CryptoLeague’s CEO Rodolfo Saccoman. “We are delivering web3 software and tools to unlock the wisdom of communities, enabling individual investors to come together, to belong, to Engage-to-Earn™, and to outperform in a financial system where the deck is stacked in favor of large institutions.”

CryptoLeague is founded by three experienced technology leaders, Rodolfo Saccoman, a serial Miami-tech OG software entrepreneur; Gleb Chuvpilo, also a serial entrepreneur who was one of the earliest engineers at Palantir and then co-founded several technology startups; and Jeff Nuckols a technology executive and operator with 20 years’ experience scaling and managing multi-billion technology businesses. The three met in 2021 at the On Deck Miami Tech Drop, anchored by Keith Rabois. Saccoman sought equal-minded and web3-obsessed Nuckols and Chuvpilo to team up and build CryptoLeague.

CryptoLeague co-founders Rodolfo, Jeff, and Gleb believe that web3 technologies are leveling the playing field for investors globally. For too long, investors have been disadvantaged by a system where critical information and tools have been reserved for elite institutions hiding behind opaque disclosures and powerful promotional machines. And too often, investing has been a solo endeavor as a result of outdated regulations that make it difficult for retail investors to collaborate. The co-founders are on a mission to change that, while revolutionizing how wealth creation can be accessed by more people. Members of the CryptoLeague team include former employees from companies like Goldman Sachs, PwC, Palantir, and Morgan Stanley.

“Retail investors don’t have access to the best traders and returns in the world,” said Saccoman, adding that “traditional trading is boring and unexciting for this new ‘NFT and crypto-savvy’ generation. We are experiencing the most transformative shift in how investing will be remembered 10 years from now. The game has changed. CryptoLeague is unleashing the power of collaboration and access to quality knowledge in a first-of-its-kind platform; all aimed at generating life-changing investment returns.”

Since closing its pre-seed round, CryptoLeague has ramped up its multinational team to 18 people, with a diverse team located in the US, Colombia, and Brazil. CryptoLeague also recently opened an office in Miami’s Wynwood district, helping to deliver on Miami Mayor Suarez’s promise to make Miami the preeminent destination to build web3/crypto companies.

For more information and to join the CryptoLeague™ waiting list, please visit:

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