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Facebook Reels Announces Stars Live Creation Bonus Program; Expands Globally

As part of the commitment to invest over $1 billion in creators through 2022, Reels is launching a new bonus program for Facebook creators. The program will pay eligible creators based on the performance of their live broadcasts.

The program is currently invite-only. To join, go to the Bonuses tab in Creator Studio, under Monetization, and select the available bonus opportunity. You can also opt-in through bonus notifications that you receive. If you aren’t currently eligible, express interest in the Bonuses program here.
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Reels on Facebook Expands Globally
We’re trying something new! Reels are taking over Instagram and Facebook (and expanding globally, see above!) and we know many of you are eager to get in the mix. Every month, we plan to spotlight some of our favorite creator reels and sprinkle some inspo. Give them a watch and a follow, and let us know what you think.

Channel your inner child
Creator duo @LingAndLamb shared this feel-good reel of Lamb’s first snow angel, a great reminder to embrace the little things that bring you joy.

Break into dance
Turn it alllllll the way up! Video creator @nianaguerrero hopped on the #ZOOchallenge dance trend.

Use your voice
@sanderjennings teamed up with fellow creator @breakoutthechazhands on a simple, straightforward and heartwarming message that bears repeating.

Share your journey
Wherever you’re going, take your audience along for the ride. Whether you’re traveling somewhere new, discovering something about yourself or honing a new skill, like @samlitv learning Tagalog to converse with his partner’s family.

We’re excited to share that Reels are now available in more places across the globe! Moreover, eligible creators in the US, Mexico and Canada can now directly monetize their reels with dynamic overlay ads. We’ll be expanding availability soon.

In addition, we’ve added new creative features such as Remix, as well as reels creation from existing stories.
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