Factor[e] Ventures launches new venture studio, Delta40, for African startups

A brand-new venture studio for tech startups in Africa has been established by Factor[e] Ventures. The Delta40 studio develops and finances technological businesses with the intention of boosting incomes and combating climate change in Africa. Delta40 focuses on ventures in the fields of energy, agriculture, and mobility that are technology-driven and are run by diverse, seasoned founders.

Delta40 provides fast, iterative product testing, technology brokering, early-stage commercialization, and collaborative work to accelerate the speed of venture building in addition to giving finance. The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), a platform for collective action partnered with The Rockefeller Foundation, IKEA Foundation, and Bezos Earth Fund, as well as leading climate tech law firm Wilson Sonisi, as well as governmental, commercial, and financial institutions, provided early funding and strategic support to Delta40.

Lyndsay Holley Handler, the co-founder and managing partner of Delta40, is in charge of the company. She brings two decades of leadership, operational, and entrepreneurial experience to the table, helping businesses in 15 different countries flourish.

Before to ENGIE’s 2018 acquisition of MTN, Holley Handler oversaw Fenix International’s pan-African development with MTN. ENGIE is a French multinational utility corporation. Through Delta40, she wants to use her vast experience to assist other business owners in scaling their operations through strategic corporate collaborations and acquisitions or organic growth.

40% of the world’s population will reside in Africa by the year 2100. It is now more important than ever to support local businesses who are working on game-changing climate ideas. Holley remarked.

In order to provide African and female founders with the technology, talent, funding, and leadership support they require to create great businesses and survive, we are introducing the Delta40 Venture Studio. Along with our founders, we want to create a portfolio of revolutionary businesses across this significant continent that enhances people’s lives, strengthens the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and preserves the environment for future generations.

Factor[e] Ventures, a group of venture builders and pre-seed investors, supports Delta40 in many ways. They work together to find founders, create theses, broker technologies, and provide a platform for post-investment assistance that benefits portfolio firms as they expand.

The innovative strategy of Delta40 capitalizes on the momentum of an exceptional year for African tech startups, which raised a combined US$6.5B (+8% YoY). Investment, however, continues to underperform in important industries including energy, agriculture, and mobility as well as various Founders. Due to this gap, a favorable investment environment is created, which is further bolstered by the availability of untapped tech talent, a friendlier regulatory climate, and exponential population expansion.

Six enterprises led by seasoned founders are already being built by Delta40, and new founders and venture concepts are constantly being evaluated.

We are certain that the venture studio model can significantly speed up and improve the success of innovation from idea to scale to exit after developing Pan-African businesses for two decades. We encourage business owners and other partners to build alongside us if they have a similar objective. Holley remarked.

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