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Invitation: How startups can position themselves for partnerships with industry leaders

The year is 2022, and it is safe to say we are living in a technocentric world already. There is no going back. It is our responsibility to make sure that we drive innovations that bring about positive change for a better future.

In this month’s edition of the Catalyst, we will have amazing sessions with three industry experts to discuss how they’ve been able to get partnership and funding opportunities from established organizations through innovation for social impact across Africa or the world at large.

It’s easy to see why corporate partnerships with startups make sense because these startups can benefit from corporate funding, resources, customer access, and a wealth of insights from the industry leaders owing to their full grasp of how the sector works. On the other hand, the established corporations and industry leaders themselves need to always innovate to stay ahead of competitors and disruption, and will consequently find access to the latest technology very useful. Hence the partnerships will be mutually beneficial for both parties. REGISTER HERE

Problem Statement:

How can Startups better position for partnerships with Industry Leaders?

Goal of the discussion:

  • To get possible means to catalyze innovation from an African perspective.
  • To get frameworks that businesses can use to spur innovation internally – real-world case studies/examples
  • To get a better Distinction between Innovation and innovation for good (The public interest factor)
  • To connect promising startups with more opportunities for scale-up.
  • To facilitate the needed interconnectedness within industries to catalyze development in the society and also give startups a better chance at longevity.

Panel :

  1. Blessing Oladeji– CEO & Co-founder, Octave Analytics
  2. Chibuike Goodnews– Founder, Dochase Adx –
  3. Kelvin Umechukwu– Co-founder/CEO, Bumpa

Moderator: Muhammad Eyinfunjowo – Senior Communictions Manager at Co-Creation REGISTER HERE

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