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Mixed performance across commodities on the Exchange

The Exchange experienced a mixed performance across commodities in the previous trading week. Sorghum topped the Exchange’s gainers chart, rising 3.65% year on year.

Maize prices are continuing to rise in the open market. Maize led the gainers list, up 3.34% year on year, while Paddy rice fell the most, down 1.82% year on year. According to market analysts, the increasing trend in maize prices is likely to continue throughout the following week as demand is expected to outstrip supply.

The benchmark indices, the AFEX Commodity Index (ACI) and the AFEX Export Index (AEI), both fell by 0.43% and 0.12% week on week.

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Market Price Development
Sorghum led the gainers chart on the Exchange, rising 3.65% year on year.
Commodity performance on the open market was uneven. Maize was the leading gainer, rising 3.34% year on year.
Most commodities’ prices have been falling in the worldwide market w-o-w. Ginger was the lone gainer, increasing by 1.22% year over year.
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