Opportunity: Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) is accepting applications for the Innovation Expo

The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) is accepting applications for the Innovation Expo to be organized as part of the Clean Cooking Forum 2022, set to take place October 11-13 in Accra, Ghana. The Innovation Expo will showcase a range of innovations from companies and other organizations driving the clean cooking sector forward in a post pandemic era.

The Expo will offer space to a maximum of 24 exhibitors over the two days of the Forum. Innovations selected to be showcased may include:

  1. Clean cooking solutions that significantly improve product performance through design (including but not limited to electric, biogas, ethanol, LPG, solar, and processed biomass fuels and stoves, and stove accessories, for both household and institutional uses);
  2. Clean cooking solutions that have embedded hardware and digital solutions (including but not limited to pay-as-you-go meters, buy now pay later (BNPL) services, layaway saving schemes) to streamline end user payment models that increase access to consumer finance;
  3. Projects and campaigns that use innovative ways to create widespread public awareness of clean cooking, including through community-based groups, nature-based organizations, TV, or digital media; and
  4. Technologies that enable monitoring of efficiency, emissions, adoptions (including stove and fuel use) and related impact metrics (including but not limited to sensors and smart meters).

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