Apply for the Cemex and Social Shifters Global Water Challenge 2023

Global Water Challenge – Empowering Youth to Ensure Safe and Accessible Water for All. The Global Water Challenge aims to address this urgent problem since half of the world’s population experiences acute water scarcity and two billion people lack access to safe drinking water. The partnership between CEMEX and Social Shifters seeks to enable young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to investigate, spark, and develop concepts that will aid in ensuring everyone has access to safe and clean water.

The Challenge of Our Shared Water A fundamental human right, access to clean water is nevertheless denied to billions of people due to inadequate management and tainted water sources. The need for water is further exacerbated by expanding urbanisation, population growth, and the needs of industry and agriculture. Additionally, many regions are experiencing severe water shortages as a result of climate change.

Benfits You will: by participating in the CEMEX & Social Shifters Global Water Challenge: – Unlock Your Potential: With the help of knowledgeable mentors and the assistance of a worldwide community, you can better your future prospects, develop useful skills, and boost your confidence. – Accelerate Your concept: Get unrestricted access to a programme called a “Digital Incubator” that can help you develop and advance your project or company concept. – Make a Difference: Submit an application for a $10,000 prize to carry out initiatives that help to guarantee everyone has access to safe water. Eligibilities: • Age Range: Open to people between the ages of 18 and 30. • International Reach: All applicants are welcome. • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): At least one of the SDGs must be addressed by your idea.

Application Method

Visit bit.ly/46AuAqz to sign up for the Global Water Challenge right away.
Before the application deadline of August 20, 2023, at 11 p.m. (UTC), return to submit your entry.
All qualified applicants receive FREE ACCESS to our Digital Incubator programme, which includes e-learning, live events, peer support, and the chance to connect with professional mentors from the most prestigious businesses in the world.

Visit bit.ly/46AuAqz to sign up for the Global Water Challenge right away.

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