Opportunity for Content Creators – Creators Circle 2.0: How to create content people can pay for”.

There is a growing digital trend among young social media users in the world today. It’s the rise of content creators/ digital storytellers.The number of content creators or social media influencers has risen in the last 2 years with COVID-19 playing a great role in how people consume different kinds of content.

In the next Creators’ Circle 2.0 coming up on Friday, July 22we will be discussing “How to create content people can pay for”

This fireside chat would be unlike any other as we will be delving deeper into the following topics:

1. The art of content creation
2. Tools and platforms you can create content on
3. How to reach your target audience effectively.
4. Handling marketing and PR for your brand

If you are an aspiring content creator, you need to slide right into the registration page HERE and register. Register Now!

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