Entries Open: BBC World News Komla Dumor Award 2023 for African Journalists

The BBC News Komla Dumor Award, now in its seventh year, is looking for a rising star of African journalism. The prize, which strives to discover and promote up-and-coming talent from the continent, is open to journalists from all around the continent. The winner will spend three months learning and working at the BBC’s London headquarters.

African stories to the world with honesty and integrity were Komla Dumor’s life’s work as a BBC News journalist. The BBC hopes to carry on this legacy. The BBC News Komla Dumor Award will be given to an exceptional person who lives and works in Africa and possesses the ambition and potential to become a future star while also possessing great journalism abilities, on-air charisma, and a remarkable talent for telling African stories.


You must be an African journalist who is currently employed and living there to be eligible to apply for this coveted award.

Additionally, you must possess the following qualifications:

High media literacy, including in digital and social media.
Experience in broadcasting is preferred.
a fantastic radio voice, good presentation abilities, and the charisma to perform at the microphone.
the capacity to locate and present a compelling original African story concept that is in line with BBC editorial standards
broad, current knowledge of and comprehension of Africa, including its politics, economy, culture, history, and sport.
fluency in English or a linguistic similar.

Position Responsibilities

A once-in-a-lifetime training and development opportunity with the BBC in London will be given to the recipient of the BBC World News Komla Dumor prize. The opportunity will begin in early September 2023 and last for three months.
The winner will collaborate with teams from across BBC News to develop an African story for the BBC, and their work and voice will be heard throughout Africa and the rest of the globe.
They will receive guidance from a senior BBC mentor and take classes at the BBC Academy, the organization’s top-notch training division.
The winner will get a stipend in addition to housing in London and transportation to and from their residence.

Application Methodology:

additional criteria that apply to all applications

You must submit a CV (no more than two pages) or finish your careers hub profile.
A valid passport must be held by you or be available to you.
You can’t be a BBC employee right now or in the past.
If you are hired, your employer must agree to release you for three months starting in September 2023 so you can travel alone to London to start your placement.
You must possess a degree from an accredited university that is equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree or be pursuing one to qualify for the visa.
Shortlisted candidates will need to provide references, proof of employment, a birth certificate, a passport, an eligible UK visa, and evidence of their English proficiency.

Visit for more information. Visit the Official Webpage Deadline: 14 February 2023

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