Tunde Kelani’s Mainframe Film Institute to graduate first set of students

Mainframe Film and Media Institute (MFMI), the movie training institute established by veteran movie producer, Tunde Kelani, will on July 8, 2016 graduate its first of students. Explaining this today, the veteran producer said the current set of students are immersed in an intensive eight weeks course aimed at making them successful in the profession.

Also speaking, Mr. Segun Adaju, a member of the Institute’s Board of Advisors charged the students to focus on value creation. He tasked them to ride on their passion to achieve their dreams. Regretting the lack of meaning, depth and essence in some of the movies churned out of Nollywood, he said that the industry is is dire need of professionals in scripting, editing, directing, acting, producing, marketing and film distribution and advised the students to choose one they are most passionate about and gain the best of knowledge and skills to excel. According to him, with MFMI, the students cannot get it better else where and they should strive to master the profession because Mr. Tunde Kelani and others like him will not always be there. This is their opportunity to tap from his wealth of knowledge and skills, he concluded.

Corroborating Mr. Adaju, Mr. Kelani said it was passion that moved him to do most of his movies. If it were for the money, he said, many of his movies would never have seen the light of the day. He told the students that many film producers and movie startups fail because they focused only on monetary gains. To excel and last the distance in the industry, they must focus on values, impact and creativity, he advised them.

Mainframe film and Media Institute was launched on February 26, 2016 and commenced with its first set of students on May 16 for an eight weeks intensive course on Film School Basic (FSB) program. The Institute is scheduled to run the next stream of this program from September 5th, 2016.

Located in the serene Olomore part of Abeokuta, Ogun State, the Instutite is currently developing the permanent site at Ibara Estate, GRA, Abeokuta. Other courses offered at the institute include: 1.) Story Telling and Scripting, 2.) Production Design: Props, Costume and Make-up, : 3.) Digital Photography and Cinematography, 4.) Location Sound Recording, 5) The Art of Acting, 6.) The Art of Producing and Production Management, 7.) The Art of Directing, 8.) Post Production: Basic Editing, Subtitling, Sound Mixing and Graphics.


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