Ventures Africa explores the Future of Nigeria’s tech with 10 leading women in its newly launched business series

Ventures Africa (, an online news platform and community that produces stories about an evolving Africa, has announced the launch of its new business series, Ventures Africa BizHive.  The quarterly issue will cover news analysis and discussions around entrepreneurship, evolving business trends and innovations around Africa. Its inaugural edition explores the future of Nigeria’s tech landscape through the eyes of 10 leading women (

Each of the women that have been featured are not only driving innovation through tech, but also exemplify the belief that women can contribute immeasurable value within the industry. They also hold leadership positions across EduTech, FinTech, Cryptocurrency, and Software Development among others.

“Women will play a crucial role in the future of technology. The future is female and tech won’t be an exception. As more women enter this space, you will see the norms and culture evolve and then progress,” said Temie Giwa-Tubosun, Founder And CEO, LifeBank Nigeria.

Alongside other challenges, women have had to contest with policies that are seemingly created to prevent them from having a business network. However, there are a number of companies who support women development by ensuring the implementation of gender specific policies and programmes.

Ventures Africa spoke with Viola Llewellyn, the co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions who shared her thoughts on the ‘tech’ space in Africa, creating a space for, and empowering women through Ovamba, and her advice for girls looking to create solutions to everyday problems in Africa using technology.

The issue also takes a look at some of the investments and funds raised by 5 different women-led startups in Nigeria, alongside the percentage of female employees across selected firms.

About Ventures Africa:
Through award-winning journalism, new school video content, and active community engagement, Ventures Africa ( stands as one of the most viewed sources of news in West Africa. Beyond commanding an organic audience, its team has worked to weave the company’s story into that of its community. As an online hub for discussion, education, and collective action, the platform provides an energetic and interactive experience for its readers, contributors, and partners.

Since 2015, Ventures Africa has published an annual list of innovators who tell us where the continent is going. Its Digital Issues feature unique perspectives on important issues. Previous issues have taken a unique angle on innovation in Africa, the recession, and political cultures of shame.

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