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2022 World Diabetes Day (WDD): Access to Diabetes Care – Education to protect tomorrow

World Diabetes Day is a global occasion on which people with diabetes, health professionals, diabetes advocates, media, the general public and government organisations unite to raise awareness of diabetes. Your participation – both in the build-up to and following 14 November – is key to the success of the campaign. Taking part can be exciting and hugely rewarding!

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2021-23 is Access to Diabetes Care. The focus of the campaign in 2022 is access to diabetes education, with the slogan “Education to protect tomorrow.”

Globally, an estimated 422 million adults were living with diabetes in 2014, compared to 108 million in 1980. The global prevalence of diabetes has nearly doubled since 1980, rising from 4.7% to 8.5% in the adult population. This reflects an increase in associated risk factors such as being overweight or obese. Over the past decade, diabetes prevalence has risen faster in low and middle-income countries than in high-income countries.

Diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and lower limb amputation. Healthy diet, physical activity and avoiding tobacco use can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. In addition diabetes can be treated and its consequences avoided or delayed with medication, regular screening and treatment for complications.

In 2007 General Assembly adopted resolution 61/225 designating 14 November as World Diabetes Day. The document recognized “the urgent need to pursue multilateral efforts to promote and improve human health, and provide access to treatment and health-care education.”

The resolution also encouraged Member States to develop national policies for the prevention, treatment and care of diabetes in line with the sustainable development of their health-care systems.

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Access to diabetes care

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2021-23 is access to diabetes care.

100 years after the discovery of insulin, millions of people with diabetes around the world cannot access the care they need. People with diabetes require ongoing care and support to manage their condition and avoid complications.

The centenary of the discovery of insulin presents a unique opportunity to bring about meaningful change for the more than 460 million people living with diabetes and the millions more at risk. United, the global diabetes community has the numbers, the influence and the determination to bring about meaningful change. We need to take on the challenge.


Diabetes is a chronic disease, which occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. This leads to an increased concentration of glucose in the blood (hyperglycaemia).

Type 1 diabetes (previously known as insulin-dependent or childhood-onset diabetes) is characterized by a lack of insulin production.

Type 2 diabetes (formerly called non-insulin-dependent or adult-onset diabetes) is caused by the body’s ineffective use of insulin. It often results from excess body weight and physical inactivity.

Gestational diabetes is hyperglycaemia that is first recognized during pregnancy.

Diabetes: key facts

A healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and avoiding tobacco use are ways to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can be treated and its consequences avoided or delayed with diet, physical activity, medication and regular screening and treatment for complications.


Regular physical activity is an important part of diabetes management and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Whether indoors or outdoors, every step counts to help stay healthy!

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Join the Global Diabetes Walk, an initiative created by the World Diabetes Foundation in support of World Diabetes Day. Take to the streets to raise awareness of the impact of diabetes and the importance of physical activity. If outdoor activities in your community are restricted, walk or exercise in your home or workplace and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to join in.

Whichever way you exercise make sure to wear blue and show your support for #WorldDiabetesDay and the #EducationToProtect campaign.


The official hashtags of World Diabetes Day 2022 are #WorldDiabetesDay and #EducationToProtect

Share our example posts on your social channels, your website and to your community groups, to raise awareness of the need for improved access to diabetes education.

Example post 1:

More than 90% of diabetes care is self-care. Do you have the knowledge to make informed decisions about your condition? This #WorldDiabetesDay, take charge of your diabetes care with our free online courses worlddiabetesday.org/understandingdiabetes #EducationToProtect

Example post 2:

1 in 9 people will have diabetes by 2030. Healthcare professionals are under pressure to provide the best care and protect tomorrow. How up-to-date is your knowledge? This #WorldDiabetesDay access free diabetes training to find out: worlddiabetesday.org/understandingdiabetes #EducationToProtect

Example post 3:

More than half a billion people now live with diabetes. This #WorldDiabetesDay, join our call for education to protect tomorrow. Support our call for greater access to education to stop the rise of diabetes and prevent complications: worlddiabetesday.org/educationtoprotect* #EducationToProtect

*Link functional in September

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