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Apply for the Google for Startups Accelerator: Sustainable Development Goals

Calling All Social Impact Startups

We expect to run multiple cohorts of startups through this Google Startups accelerator over the next several years. Over time, we want to gather a portfolio of startups from around the world that are collectively working on the full range of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For our first class, we’ve chosen to focus on startups that are based in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

We’re looking for:

  • Startups should have a technology-based product. In particular but not exclusively, we’re best positioned to work with startups that address a unique problem with data/artificial intelligence or machine learning.
  • Startups should have some level of market traction with their product/service and are past the “idea stage” with some initial customer validation.
  • Startups should be able to identify a large market opportunity for significant impact. 
  • Startups should equally be driven by both the business case for the product/service and the social impact that their product/service can have. 
  • The startup’s founding team and/or key team members should be able to demonstrate that they have the technical skills, business skills, and social impact mindset to grow a company in the social impact sector.

Physical commitment is only required for 3 weeks.

Applications will close on Sunday, January 12th, 2020. Apply Now 

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