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About BusinessTrumpet News

BusinessTrumpet is a business news and information portal that gives voice to SMEs and emerging businesses.

Established in 2015 our focus is on news and information that business owners and entrepreneurs can work with and that can inspire towards more and better business.

Our news coverage include Small Businesses, Manufacturing, Events and Conferences, ICT, Press Releases, Entertainment Business, Health, Industry, Telecoms, Fintech, Funding, Media, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Networking, Real Estate and Construction, Energy and Mining, Transportation and Tourism, Education and Training, Trade and Commerce, Money and Finance, Emerging Opportunities and the Global Economy.

We present news in positive light and aim to help businesses, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals gain better experience through constant touch with business happenings.

BusinessTrumpet news does not feature political, religious, or otherwise non business focused news.  We are a business focused news portal. 

At Businesstrumpet we also provide profiles of entrepreneurs that inspire and allow you to learn from the successes and failures of other business owners through business stories, start-up stories and interviews.

We do not limit our reach to only those from our contributing authors. We also provide links to articles from outside sources that may otherwise not come your way.

BusinessTrumpet provides a channel for the business owner and entrepreneur to publish news and information relating to his/her business, products and services, events, press and corporate releases, etc without hassles. All you have to do is click on Submit Your News on the home page and enter your news. Our team will review your submission to confirm that it is business related and thereafter approve it for publication; no charges, no costs, to you.

We are open and partner with organizations and other media outlets to bring business news and information and opportunities to the attention of, and closer to entrepreneurs, professionals and executives.

BusinessTrumpet news is a proud member of BNI Nigeria, the World’s largest and most successful business referral organization.

-The BusinessTrumpet Team

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