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About BusinessTrumpet News

BusinessTrumpet is an online news platform and a provider of business news and information, research, and opportunities across sectors and across markets for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Startups and Professionals. Our focus is on news and information that business owners and entrepreneurs can work with and that can inspire towards more and better business.

Established in 2015, BusinessTrumpet has served as partner to many organizations and events including the African Press Organization, African Media Agency, P+ Measurement Agency, REDSummit, National Business Conference, African Fashion Week Lagos and London, Affordable Housing Investment Summit – Africa, International Networking Week, African Foods and Products Exhibition, etc. In addition, BusinessTrumpet publishes articles from businesses locally and globally including Siegmeida. The news house is a recipient of the Thomson Reuters Foundation training program for journalists in Africa.

BusinessTrumpet News is read locally and globally and attracts interest from businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, researchers, consultants, professionals and business executives. We strive to empower business owners with insightful and accurate information about businesses, opportunities and the economic environment.

We are an ethical publishing house and to that end do not publish or feature articles on politics, religion, race, gambling/lottery, tobacco and the likes, violence and arms/ammunitions, immorality, pornography and LGBT issues.

Our news is reported under 17 categories, namely: Economy, Business and Industry, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Energy, Money and Finance, Real Estate and Construction, Press Release and Results, ICT and Commerce, Global Markets, Business Networking, Business Coach, Entertainment News, Events and Conferences, Entrepreneurs, Funding and Business Opportunities, SMEs and Ventures, (Health and Science, Engineering and Technology).

We are open and partner with organizations and other media outlets to bring business news, information and opportunities to the attention of, and closer to entrepreneurs, professionals and executives.

BusinessTrumpet is a proud member of BNI, the World’s largest and most successful business referral organization.

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