GlobeNewswire Announces Launch of New SaaS Cloud Stacking for SEO Professionals and Web Designers


Bali, Indonesia, Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- is proud to announce the launch of its new SaaS cloud stacking service that leverages a variety of tools, including WordPress and a selection of high-quality plugins and themes, to offer SEO professionals and web designers unmatched flexibility, scalability, and creativity to build great pages easily.

The new cloud stacking service has been designed to provide both beginners and technology experts in the SEO and web design field with all the tools needed, such as an intuitive CMS, LiveCanvas page builder, and the picostrap3 starter theme based on Bootstrap 5.3.2, as well as an innovative AI-driven color palette generator that not only creates visually appealing sites but perfectly optimizes them for conversion, to help craft a website that perfectly aligns with their vision.

“We’re here to redefine the cloud stacking narrative, merging SEO expertise with innovative design,” said a spokesperson for “With Stacking.Cloud, you’re not just part of the crowd; you lead it. So, whether you’re an SEO maestro or a budding web designer, it’s time to experience a tailored and timeless transformation! Break free from the mundane, craft stories, not just sites. Merging SEO expertise with innovative design, we redefine cloud stacking.” offers professionals a seamless experience through one centralized and decluttered dashboard that offers simplified and streamlined management of multiple cloud sites, as well as a variety of renowned platforms like S3, Azure, Contabo, Bunny, DigitalOcean, and Wasabi, to effectively build, optimize and deploy high-quality websites.

The innovative cloud stacking service offers unique benefits to both web designers and SEO professionals, such as:

Web Designers: provides designers with the tools necessary to create optimal local sites. The leading cloud stacking provider supplies a set of monthly updated templates, allowing designers to personalize the aesthetics and functionality of their sites to suit specific local needs. The use of cloud technology in the innovative platform provides significant advantages, including enhanced speed, improved security, and cost-effectiveness, giving designers the freedom to focus on creativity and quality.

SEO Professionals: With a range of advanced features for SEO professionals,’s platform allows the application of sophisticated cloud stacking techniques to create interconnected cloud site schemes that boost SEO performance. Additionally, the state-of-the-art platform provides ready-to-use schema templates like Organization, LocalBusiness, and Services, which enhance a site’s visibility to search engines while also offering the capability to embed RSS feeds to leverage their SEO benefits. With the cloud as a buffer, SEO professionals can utilize less expensive links without worrying about potential harm to their main site. This way, enables a seamless, worry-free, and effective implementation of an SEO strategy.

With clean code that helps websites standout with Picostrap5 and Livecanvas, real-time design magic, AI-powered tools to create effortless dynamic brands, and a monthly refresh on its theme library that caters to what’s trending with local businesses, offers professionals to unleash the full potential of cloud and create quality sites in three simple steps:

  1. Clone a readymade site or build from scratch: effortlessly clone a readymade site or use the variety of plugins, themes, and WordPress tools to create a unique site from scratch.
  2. Place content: Add compelling content, where the expert team at will optimize it for maximum SEO impact.
  3. Publish on Cloud: supports the 6 most powerful cloud platforms for direct upload. invites SEO professionals and web designers to take a look at its selection of flexible plans today to fit the right cloud stacking strategy to fit their unique website goals.

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