AEP’s Data Revolution: Partnering with Lucasys to Prepare for the Next Leap in Tax Technology


ATLANTA, April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Electric Power (AEP), one of the nation’s largest utility power producers and operator of the nation’s largest electric transmission network, has a longstanding reputation as an industry leader in digital transformation and technological innovation. Successful operations have led AEP to sustained growth, expanding the organization into additional states and service territories while accumulating a blend of data, processes, and technologies.

As the utility grew, the tax function became the recipient of increasingly diverse data sources which formed the basis of key tax compliance, accounting, and planning processes. Recognizing the need for streamlined operations and cohesive data management, AEP engaged Lucasys to optimize internal processes, cleanse disparate data sets, and realize greater technological efficiencies.

AEP has expanded its collaboration with Lucasys, including the design, development, and execution of a plan to standardize and cleanse its tax fixed asset and tax accounting data. Lucasys crafted a tailored plan that acknowledged the nuances of each utility's accounting system, delivering not just standardization but also a roadmap for future technological advancements.

" At Lucasys, we’re committed to guiding utilities through transformative transitions
with confidence. We are thrilled that our successful collaboration with AEP not only
addressed their challenges but also solidified our relationship as a trusted partner.”
- Gabriel St James, Director of Professional Services at Lucasys

During the data standardization process, Lucasys worked with AEP's team to unravel complexities, align business processes, and bring disparate systems into a cohesive structure. Operations that were once labyrinthine became streamlined, bringing newfound efficiency to their financial processes.

Roadmap to Efficiency

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With data now organized and operations streamlined, AEP’s tax department is poised to embrace more advanced technologies. The successful collaboration with Lucasys has helped position AEP to leverage its data as a strategic asset for the future.

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