Blakely Page Celebrates Winning the HeartShare Humanitarian Award


Wayne, Pennsylvania, April 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blakely Page, a significant leader in Pennsylvania’s finance industry, is thrilled to announce that he has won the HeartShare Humanitarian Award, which recognizes his significant contributions to the welfare of others.

The HeartShare Humanitarian Award is a specialist acknowledgment by the prestigious HeartShare Human Services of New York organization that is dedicated to nurturing and empowering children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, through all areas of their lives.

A PAM Rising Star, an annual listing by thewealthnet that recognizes the qualities and achievements of the individual within their sector, Blakely Page’s achievement of winning the HeartShare Humanitarian Award at the Spring Gala and Auction in front of 1500 people further highlights his impressive dedication to helping support and placing a spotlight on vital charitable organizations.

Throughout his professional career Blakely Page has forged success in capital management and the financial industry. His strategic decisions and leadership roles have facilitated impressive growth and innovation across a range of companies.

A focus on philanthropic ventures has remained with Blakely Page throughout his career, as well as furthering the importance of education. This has led to a series of generous contributions over the years to a number of prestigious institutions, such as Agnes Irwins, Taft School, Lawrenceville School, Southern Methodist University, Trinity College, and the University of Virginia. Additionally, Blakely Page has annually donated to Money Management Institute’s Gateway Foundation, which was created to help accelerate diversity and inclusivity in the financial services industry.

This emphasis on education is also demonstrated by Blakely Page’s involvement with the Children’s Scholarship Fund and his role as a founding board member of their Friends of Nick program for over 5 years. This is a character-building program in memory of Blakely Page’s godfather Nick Forstmann, who published a letter in a book before passing in 2002, which led to his sister starting a non-profit scholarship program in NYC to “bring together students, parents, schools and sponsors to engage in an ongoing conversation, discovery and commitment to character.”

In addition to education, Blakely Page is dedicated to showing support for veteran causes and has played a pivotal role in establishing the NYC gym for Merging Veterans and Players. The gym creates a collaborative environment where veterans and professional athletes can help each other build fulfilling post-service lives that prioritize providing opportunities and a community that unlocks their potential.

With a professional career that spans several prominent areas of the financial sector and consistent charitable contributions to educational services, veterans, and humanitarian organizations, Blakely Page’s acknowledgment by HeartShare Human Services of New York accentuates his stature as a renowned figure in the financial and philanthropic industry.

Blakely Page invites individuals who are interested in finding out more to visit his about page ( via the website, where they can also reach out by contact form with any online inquiries.

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Blakely Page is renowned within the Pennsylvania community for his distinguished career in finance and leadership talent, as well as his continued focus on philanthropic ventures, including building a solid foundation for education and veteran support locally and nationally.

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