imail comms Release New Article on Navigating Rising Postal Costs and Why Businesses Should Consider Hybrid Mail Solutions


Coventry, West Midlands, June 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- imail comms, a digital and physical communication provider offering tailor-made services, is proud to announce the release of its new article on navigating the rising postal costs in the UK and why businesses should consider hybrid mail solutions to streamline the creation and distribution of their physical mail. 

With the significant rise of stamp costs, as shown in the charts below, and the high price of ink for franking machines, imail comms’ new article discusses the benefits of Hybrid Mail as a comprehensive solution for businesses that offers a fast, secure,and accessible way to print and mail items straight from their computer.

We can see from the charts above that 2nd class stamps have increased by 38.6% and 1st class stamps have increased by 61.4% since 1990 to 2023

Compared with traditional mailing, Hybrid Mail is an easy-to-use system that enables an organisation to save up to 50% on mailing methods and efficiently scale, automate, and process its mail 500% faster. In addition to helping businesses reduce the impact of printing and postage on their profits, hybrid mail provides the opportunity to track expenses across departments, access real-time analytics, and remove incorrect postage charges.

imail comms’ article extensively covers the range of mailing processes and their prices in the UK, including Franking Machine Costs. This method prints a barcode on letters or labels that go through Royal Mail services to represent prepaid postage and eliminates the need for traditional stamps. While this is a convenient, cost-effective solution for businesses that provides reduced second or first-class postage rates and the advantage of handling large volumes of mail, as demonstrated in the graph below, franking machines can still not match the savings delivered by hybrid mail.

Disclaimer – This does not include stationary, ink, rental costs for franking and stamps. Hybrid mail incorporates fulfilment for all printing and post.

Additionally, within its article, the top communications provider offers an in-depth explanation of ‘How Does Hybrid Mail Work?’ which showcases how the innovative and flexible mail process seamlessly integrates with business operations to enhance efficiency and productivity through 4 different submission methods that professionals can choose based on their unique business objectives. These include:

  • Online – Cloud Based: This enables businesses to send a letter or marketing postcard online within 24 hours of registering their details and offers mail tracking, analytics and no set-up fees.
  • Desktop Based – Print Client: After installing imail comms data on a computer, businesses can send their documents straight out of their word composer or PDF application.
  • Desktop Based – Autolink: Businesses can download the Autolink software today and then receive a demo call with imail comms support team to learn about the fully encrypted data transfer, pre-agreed folder instructions and support of all PDF document types. 
  • Build, Launch, Grow: A custom build platform for sending mail directly to recipients; this option is tailored specifically for a business’s precise usage and links directly to imail comms servers to streamline mail requirements for hassle-free, uncomplicated mailing.

Hybrid Mail not only helps businesses with Saving on Stamps and reducing their overall mail costs, but is quick to set up, easy to use and can be personalised to fit every business unique mailing needs, whether daily, weekly, or sporadic. imail comms invites individuals to explore the eco-friendly, user-friendly, and secure mailing option today to strategically move towards cost efficiency and operational excellence.

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