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$18.6b in Business For BNI Members Worldwide Proves The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

BNI® (Business Network International), the world’s leading business referral organization, today publicly announced that BNI Members worldwide generated over $18.6 billion in revenue in 2021 alone. This revenue occurred via 12.4 million referrals between Members who represent hundreds of professions from financial advisors to photographers to electricians. * BNI Members meet online or in-person every week in over 70 countries to learn about each other’s businesses and to refer valuable new clients through the power of word-of-mouth networking.

BNI, founded in Arcadia, California in 1985, has become the largest and most successful networking organization in the world. For 37 years, BNI has supported businesses through some of the most difficult economic times in the world’s history and has provided a proven system to help its Members grow their businesses. In December 2021 alone, BNI Members worldwide created more than $1.9 billion USD in revenue via over 940,000 qualified business referrals. All this economic growth helps power BNI Member-businesses forward, one word-of-mouth referral at a time.

BNI Members worldwide generated over $18.6 billion in revenue in 2021 alone via 12.4 million referrals.Tweet this

“Learning how to market my business through weekly presentations and feature presentations has opened my eyes to the possibilities of networking,” says Sue Todd, an independent skincare consultant in Anchorage, Alaska who has been a Member of BNI since 2017. “More than anything, I have enjoyed building a network of professionals that I am confident referring business to, as each has made the same commitment I have to our code of ethics. I am now a go-to person, and it feeds my soul to send business to fellow Members. A third of my own customers are a direct result of BNI.”

In the US each year, on average, BNI Members generate over $50,000 in revenue each via over 30 valuable new client referrals. “BNI Members are the best economic stimulus there is. The valuable referrals they generate for one another will continue generating more opportunities for months and years to come,” says Graham Weihmiller, BNI’s Chairman & CEO. “Congratulations to BNI Members worldwide on the significant business generation done in December and over the last year – great work!”

*This information is based on historical BNI Member self-reported data as of January 7, 2022 and represents collective results from BNI Members worldwide over the last 12 months.

About BNI®
BNI (Business Network International) is the world’s largest and most successful business networking organization. Today, BNI has over 285,000 Member-businesses participating in nearly 10,500 BNI Chapters that meet in-person, online, or in a hybrid format each week in 70+ countries around the globe. Since 1985, BNI has created over $146,000,000,000 USD in revenue for BNI Members via over 143 million valuable new client referrals. * To learn more about BNI and how you can visit a chapter, go to BNI’s philosophy is centered on Givers Gain® and BNI’s motto is Changing the Way the World Does Business®. To connect with the support team, please reach out to (800)-825-8286 or [email protected].

*This information is based on historical BNI Member self-reported data and represents collective results from BNI Members worldwide from 1985 to January 7, 2022.

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